Since 2010, Hollywood Immersive has brought emerging talented artists to Los Angeles to help turn their dreams into reality.


Hollywood Immersive specializes in artist development and telling the stories of our artists, through compelling and engaging content. Platforms include Podcasts, HI Presents Video Series and our documentary HI LA now available on Amazon Prime.

Over the last decade we have conducted over 50 artist development programs offering several streams to train and develop emerging talent.

The program has attracted hundreds of participants from over 25 countries to be inspired and empowered to further their career in the entertainment industry.

Our goal is to assist artists to achieve personal and professional growth in a safe and supportive environment.  We work with top entertainment industry executives and veteran artistic coaches - so our artists learn the tools necessary to build their careers, achieve their goals, and continue to create new possibilities for their future.  



 "HI Presents" takes an inside look at the entertainment industry through the eyes of the professionals who make Hollywood work.  Through the generosity of our special guests, each shares their unique insight on how they’ve been able to shape their careers. 

“HI Presents” is our gift to all artists who have questions on how to turn their dreams into reality.